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My new Miele C3 Vacuum

Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool me twice, double shame on me.

My family will tell you that we have a tradition that on Christmas Eve, our vacuum will blow up, will quite working or catches fire.  Exciting times.  House full of guests due any moment and no vacuum.

Christmas Eve 2016 did not disappoint, my two year old “bagless” vacuum (second time I bought this brand) gave up the ghost as my mother was fond of saying.  Dead as a door nail.  No suction what so ever.  I hate vacuums.  It’s not as if I don’t buy fairly expensive ones. I watch TV, I see the commercials.  I go in for the sexy ones, I fall for the line. Well I ended up going old school.  Out came the broom and dust pan, got the job done.  Thank goodness for hardwood floors!

December 26 is Boxing day in Canada, similar to Black Friday, you must get out early to get all the best shopping deals our merchants have.  Flash back to Christmas Day, dishes are done, house is quiet and I start my research. I do love google.  I asked her (in my mind, google is a woman) what the best vacuum was.  I watched videos.  I did my research and decided that the Miele Cat and Dog (you may have read, I have four fur babies in residence) would be the model to own.  So off I go, in search of a Miele Cat and Dog model.

In one of our major department stores, I am informed that they were sold out, it was just Christmas as if I had not noticed.  Let me tell you, a vacuum would not be on the top of my gift list. However, if I’m not in a hurry they would be happy to order me one.  Nope, not an option, one of my fur babies is a shedder.  Off I go to another dealer.  They only had one left, but it was not my model.  I repeated this a number of times.  Why is this vacuum so illusive and how did I not know about it? I turn to my best friend google.  She offers up to me a small vacuum repair store that is an authorized dealer. Off I go, again.

I entered the establishment, and I started to laugh.  At the back of the store, lined up in military precision was row upon row of similarly broken vacuums, just like mine at home.  Then I saw the Miele.  It was beautiful, all small and burgandy.  It was love at first sight. It also has a 10 year warranty.  Bonus.

Home we go, I unpacked it.  It’s really light as a feather and maneuvers on a dime.  German engineering at it’s best.  (I’m kind of wishing that I had a German car now.) Let me tell you, dust bunnies with the floor attachments do not stand a chance.  I literally watched them be sucked in from an inch away.  WHAT!

I vacuumed the entire house, the hardwood floor, our berber carpet.  I thought that my house was fairly clean.  I vacuum a lot. Guess not.  This baby sucks.  My carpet looks new.

My recommendation, A+++++







A boomerang mom.

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