The Ranger Home Life….

Welcome to my site.  Let me start by saying that I am not a professional writer, nor am I a professional chef, nor do I make a living cleaning homes.  I am a mom. A mom that has worked full time for my entire married life.

I happen to have thirty years of experience juggling a full time job, a husband, three daughters (who I’m very proud of) and at the moment four fur babies.  I am, on occasion, referred to as the crazy dog lady but that’s a story for another day.  I  love to cook, enjoy baking.  I paint pretty pictures (and sell them when I have a mind too).  I quilt, I knit, I know how to do embroidery and crochet.  I love to garden and ride my bike with hubby.

We recently downsized our home from a two story to a bungalow and moved with two of our three adult daughters.  To be honest, with the finished basement (almost a separate suite)  it is a smidgen bigger BUT it does have a smaller yard so it all works out in the end.  At least that’s my story.  It is, in fact, my dream home.  It’s my hubby’s dream home because it’s close to bicycle paths and the river for fly fishing.  I love it for  its very large kitchen.

Shortly after we moved in, our eldest daughter and her plus one returned to the nest with their fur baby. I had been expecting it, I watch the news.  They are called the boomerang generation. To tell you the truth, we like the company and I like having my kids in our life.  Don’t get me wrong, they are adults and independent but I love the chaos and the daily drama (three girls and shared bathrooms….need I say more.)

My life is busy, my home is even busier.  One long distant friend called me today, and asked how the chaos is going.  I just laughed.  It’s normal for me.  How we manage the chaos will be in my blog posts. To be honest, starting this blog is my 2017 goal.  I’ve done this home management thing a long time.  I cook meals every day, on Sunday I usually cook for eight.  I have tried a number of things along the way.  If I’ve come across a winner or a life hack I plan on sharing it.  Hopefully I can help someone manage their crazy life as we do.  I had a wonderful role model, my mom and I hope that I’m emulating  her no nonsense, get it done, times a wasting attitude.



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